Performance Series Black, 2″ x 10″ strips Kinesiology Tape

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This pre-cut myofascial and kinesiology tape is designed for pain management and support. The  material consists of cotton with elastic threads that can stretch up to 160% of its original length. It is flexible and water-resistant, yet breathable. With 100% acrylic adhesive with an advanced swirl pattern, it can often be worn for multiple days, even when used for swimming.

  • Advanced therapeutic technology
  • Elastic sports tape for pain management and support
  • Stays on in water
  • Precut strips
  • Reusable dispenser
  • Patent-pending


  • 20 CT
  • 2" x 10"
  • Product is not made with natural rubber latex
  • Item # CUR5060
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1 review for Performance Series Black, 2″ x 10″ strips Kinesiology Tape

  1. Nola Cox

    I have knee, back and foot issues, surgeries on all. I have never been completely free of pain in these areas. I have tried gels, acupuncture, braces, muscle relaxers, anti-inflamatories, herbal remedies, hot and cold patches, etc. on down the line spending lots of money.

    I was watching the Olympics and noticed the taping on some of the women. I did my research and found where I could purchase this kinesiology tape. I found it at our local Mejier store.

    My husband helped me apply the knee and foot tape and I can truthfully say that it has helped my pain issued so much!!! I cannot believe how this works, but, it does!! If you apply it as the instructions describe, I found great relief.

    I am going to buy several rolls of this now because I am afraid that it will sell out or be taken off the market!

    Further, I never give reviews. This product however, has changed my quality of life.

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