First Aid 101: Gauze2017-12-12T20:18:53+00:00

Video Transcript

Today we’re talking about gauze, specifically, rolled gauze, a common and versatile product that’s used for support, protection, absorbency and holding dressings in place. Gauze comes in many widths and thicknesses – woven and non-woven – with various levels of stretch and absorbency. This gauze here is a basic gauze, it stretches, it’s a woven kind of gauze and it’s fantastic to use for splinting, but it’s also good for holding wound dressings in place. Now one of the challenges with this gauze is that it might leave lint or other kinds of fine material. So what you want to think about is having a non-stick kind of dressing put on the wound and then this [the gauze] is used then to wrap around the wound. Never wind this too tight because one of the issues associated with that is you’re going to cut off circulation. This is probably one of the most versatile products that you want to have in your first aid kit because you can utilize this for all types of wound dressing, splints and other kinds of first aid supportive actions. I hope you stay safe and healthy. Thank you for watching.