Performance Series Pink Swirl Kinesiology Tape, 2″ x 10″ strips, 20 count

Performance Series Pink Swirl Kinesiology Tape, 2″ x 10″ strips, 20 count Package Left Angle
What makes Performance Series Kinesiology Tape so effective?
  • ADVANCED THERAPEUTIC TECHNOLOGY: offers a two-in-one advantage – it provides muscle pain management and support
  • STRETCHES UP TO 160% OF ITS ORIGINAL LENGTH: made up of cotton with flexible, elastic threads that expand up to 160% of the original length
  • WATER-RESISTANT: stays on in water and can be worn for multiple days, even when swimming or participating in water sports
  • REUSABLE DISPENSER: any CURAD kinesiology tape can fit in this reusable dispenser
Product is not made with natural rubber latex.
  20 CT
  2" x 10"
  Item # CUR5063P

Made to Muscle Through

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CURAD® Performance Series® is the lineup of rugged supports, wraps, kinesiology tape and bandages made to withstand the demands of training. Every solution is designed for endurance and ready to stand up to exertion and sweat. Get the perfect level of rugged, yet comfortable support with CURAD® Performance Series®. Learn More about Ironman »

CURAD Performance Series Pink Kinesiology Tape utilizes advanced therapeutic technology for muscle pain management and support. With elasticity much like human skin, every pre-cut tape is made up of cotton with elastic threads that stretch up to 160% of their original length. The 100% acrylic adhesive has an advanced swirl pattern that keeps the tape in place for multiple days, perfect for anyone who participates in endurance and strength exercises and various sports. The pre-cut strips are flexible and water-resistant, yet breathable.

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