Performance Series Thumb Support, Universal, 1 count

Performance Series Thumb Support, Universal, 1 count Left Angle
What makes Performance Series Thumn Support so effective?
  • WITH HOOK-AND-LOOP FASTENER AT BOTH ENDS: simple to fasten and adjust   
  • IDEAL FOR MILD SPRAINS AND STRAINS: gently supports injured joints and muscles  
  • FOR SUPPORT AND ADJUSTABLE COMPRESSION: set your desired level of pressure in a just a few seconds 
  • REUSABLE AND WASHABLE: designed for multiple uses and stands up well to thorough cleaning 
  • MICROBAN® ANTIMICROBIAL PROTECTION*keeps the product cleaner for longer by helping to prevent the growth of stain & odor causing bacteria on this product 

*This product does not protect users against bacteria, viruses or other disease organisms 

Product is not made with natural rubber latex.
  1 CT
  Item # CUR18230D

Made to Muscle Through

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CURAD® Performance Series® is the lineup of rugged supports, wraps, kinesiology tape and bandages made to withstand the demands of training. Every solution is designed for endurance and ready to stand up to exertion and sweat. Get the perfect level of rugged, yet comfortable support with CURAD® Performance Series®. Learn More about Ironman »

Whether you want to get back to the court, the gym, or the office, CURAD® Performance Series Thumb Support can help you get there — fast. Designed to hold up under extreme conditions, this fully adjustable support features a hook-and-loop fastener that allows you to adjust compression intensity. It’s well suited for milder joint injuries and can stand up to multiple uses. Its washable material is not made with natural rubber latex. CURAD® Performance Series products help athletes and active people get back to work or back in the game. 

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