Waterproof Elastic Foam Tape, 1″ x 5 yds, 1 count

Waterproof Elastic Foam Tape Left Angle
What makes Waterproof Elastic Foam Tape so effective?
  • WATERPROOF: forms a water-tight seal against your skin to prevent moisture from intruding into cuts, scrapes, and abrasions
  • CONFORMS AND CUSHIONS: molds to your body and works with the natural movement of your skin instead of rubbing and chafing
  • DOES NOT CONTAIN NATURAL RUBBER LATEX: safe to use and won’t irritate the skin if you have an allergy to natural rubber latex
Product is not made with natural rubber latex.
  1 CT
  1" x 5 yds
  Item # CUR26316RB

CURAD® Waterproof Elastic Foam Tape provides long-lasting wound protection and facilitates freedom of movement. Its strong adhesion keeps it from slipping and allows it to stretch in multiple directions, adhering to and moving with your body. Moisture resistance combines with cushioning support to ensure that wounds stay supported without any irritating slippage. Neutral coloring allows for discrete application, and its rubber-latex-free adhesive leaves behind minimal skin residue.

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