Picture of Curad Products

A History of Bringing Hospital Quality Advances Home

CURAD has been known and trusted worldwide for quality products since its inception in 1951.  From the earliest years, CURAD created some historic advances in first aid, including the patent for the first “Ouchless Pads” in 1960. To make bandages more “user-friendly” for generations to come, CURAD also developed the “tear-apart” wrappers on individually wrapped bandages, as well as the peel-off backing that is now an industry standard.

Today, CURAD continues to build on this rich history. Since being acquired by Medline Industries, Inc. in 2007, the CURAD brand has been re-energized – introducing many innovative solutions for a broad range of health concerns. With new Truly Ouchless™ Silicone Adhesive technology, rugged Performance Series™ bandages and tapes, and advanced options like hydrocolloid and antibacterial bandages, CURAD remains at the forefront of creating hospital-quality products for home use.

CURAD is also actively committed to the importance of Corporate Social Responsibility with special emphasis on employees, sustainability, corporate philanthropy and community engagement. To ensure that we’re creating products that benefit our customers and our world, our manufacturing facilities undergo strict Good Manufacturing Practices audits.

Our goal is not only to create quality products to help customers heal better, but to help them feel better about every CURAD product they buy.

From “The Tin Age” of Bandages

Remember when your CURAD bandages came in tin containers? Kids loved to use the empty tins to hold everything from marbles to bubble gum to baseball cards. Moms would use them for things like bobby pins, paper clips and spare buttons. Of course, they were also well known for holding the latest and greatest CURAD bandages!

Medline Industries, Inc.

CURAD® is a registered trademark of Medline, the nation’s largest family-owned, privately held manufacturer and distributor of world-class medical products and proven clinical solutions for home, hospital, and long-term care. The company is headquartered in Northfield, Ill. For more information about Medline, go to medline.com or connect with us on social media.