Curad Germ Shield Antimicrobial Gel

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Once an infection occurs, it can slow or stop healing, cause scarring, and even develop into more serious conditions like sepsis, a serious blood infection. Cleaning wounds thoroughly and keeping them clean and germ-free is vital in helping heal quickly, completely, without complications.

Curad germ shield gel contains an ionized silver antimicrobial. That means, in addition to bacteria, it also kills other pathogens like fungI and yeast.

Curad germ shield gel also shows no signs of susceptibility to bacterial resistance and keeps working up to 3 days. That helps provide more germ protection with fewer applications.

Germ Shield™

Antimicrobial Wound Gel
  • Effectively kills Bacteria like MRSA, E.Coli, Staph, & Yeast*
  • Formulation that effectively lasts up to 3 days
  • Ionized Silver antimicrobial provides optimal healing environment
  • Non-stinging, Non-staining and Non-Greasy
  • For Minor Burns, Cuts, Skin Irritations & Abrasions
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Additional Features

germ killer

Unique Germ KIller

Antimicrobial microscopic silver particles are effective against germs, including staph, MRSA and e. Coli.

non-stinging non straining

Non-stinging, Non-staining

Water-based gel is gentle and provides moisture to the wound to help maintain an optimal healing environment.

lasting effectiveness

Lasting Effectiveness

Germ killing action lasts up to 3 days.

Topical Ointment