QuickStop!® Bleeding Control


A bleeding wound may be a nuisance to you – or a trauma for your kids. CURAD QuickStop bandages and spray help stop minor bleeding quickly.

CURAD QuickStop products naturally-derived clotting agent reacts instantly with blood to create a soft covering layer that not only helps to stop bleeding, it can also help keep it from recurring.


Bleeding Control Bandages
    • Contain m•doc® Active, an oxidized cellulose blood stopping agent
    • Forms  a soft, gel-like layer when in contact with blood
    • Designed to help stop minor bleeding fast
    • Helps reduce the risk of renewed bleeding
    • Flexible fabric material designed to move with you
    • Non-stick pads won’t stick to wound
QuickStop! Bleeding Control Bandages, Assorted Sizes, 30 count right of package

Additional Features

treated wound pad

Treated Wound Pad

Contains m-doc Active, a naturally-derived coagulant made from cotton.

works on contact

Works On Contact

m-doc Active reacts with blood immediately to form a barrier to continued bleeding.

blocks further bleeding

Blocks Further Bleeding

Creating a soft, gel-like protective layer over the wound, QuickStop helps form a flexible cover, helping reduce the risk of renewed bleeding.

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