CURAD Germ Shield™ Tear Resistant Exam Gloves

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Whether you’re caring for someone who’s sick and contagious, or you’re going toe-to-toe with a filthy bathroom, you want gloves that are up to the task.

CURAD germ shield Gloves provide 2 layers of protection. That’s 2 layers of tough, high quality nitrile rubber. Nitrile is an artificial latex rubber that helps users avoid allergic reactions common to using natural latex rubber products. It’s really tough – plus, it has high resistance to many common chemicals including gas, oil and mineral spirits.

For dependable protection from germs and everything else life throws at you, CURAD germ shield 2-Layer Gloves are the answer.

Germ Shield™

Exam Gloves
  • Strong barrier to bacteria and viruses
  • Medical grade nitrile material is durable and chemical resistant
  • Textured grip for better tactile sensitivity
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Additional Features

warning layer

Warning Layer

Dipped in two colors of liquid nitrile for double thick, flexible protection that warns you if there’s a rip or puncture.

medical grade

Medical Grade

Tested to high medical standards for durability and resistance to many of the substances you’re likely to encounter.*

*Akron Rubber Development Laboratory Inc. 2017*

Bacteria, Virus, and Chemical Barrier

Bacteria, Virus and Chemical Barrier

Tested to Viral Penetration standards, these gloves are a proven barrier from germs.*

*Akron Rubber Development Laboratory Inc. 2017*

Germ Shield™ Gloves