Curad Performance Series® Kinesiology Tape

kinesiology tape

Curad Performance Series Kinesiology Tape can be configured a multitude of ways to help manage issues with the foot, ankle, leg, back, neck, shoulder, chest, arm, and wrist. Unlike acupuncture, muscle relaxers, massage therapy, or heat and ice, this tape can help provide support and relief while you continue your chosen level of activity.

Performance Series®

Kinesiology Tapes
  • Designed for pain management and muscle support
  • Improves blood circulation and overall performance
  • Flexible, elastic threads and water-resistant material
  • 100% acrylic adhesive allows for multi-day wear
  • Feature a reusable dispenser for safe keeping
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Additional Features

multidirection adhesive

Multi-Direction Adhesive

A swirl patterned acrylic adhesive provides solid hold in every direction to withstand sweat and high levels of activity.

useful tape shapes

Useful Tape Shapes

Tape can be used in regular “I” shape, or cut in custom shapes for specific taping procedures.

water-resistant stretch fabric

Water-Resistant Stretch Fabric

Cotton and spandex fabric provides uniform, lasting stretch for multi-day use.

Performance Series® Kinesiology Tape

Made to Muscle Through

CURAD® Performance Series® is the lineup of rugged supports, wraps, kinesiology tape and bandages made to withstand the demands of training. Every solution is designed for endurance and ready to stand up to exertion and sweat. Get the perfect level of rugged, yet comfortable support with CURAD® Performance Series®. Learn More about Ironman »

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