Soothe & Cool™ Bandages

Designed to provide cooling relief for minor burns, blisters, and abrasions. The hydrogel pad cools and soothes instantly while maintaining an optimal healing environment all while keeping out water, dirt, and germs.

QuickStop!® Bleeding Control

Advanced solutions designed to help stop minor bleeding fast. These products contain an m•doc® Active, which is an oxidized cellulose blood stopping agent. Ideal for situations that cause persistent or reoccurring bleeding.

Touch-Free™ Bandages

Designed with a pull-open wrapper for fast, hygienic application. The unique bandage wrapper eliminates the possibility of touching the wound pad or adhesive and reduces the risk of further contamination.

Basic Bandages

Various bandage styles suited for your first aid needs. Provide optimal coverage for minor cuts, scrapes and burns and feature 4-sided seal technology to keep dirt and germs out.

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