Performance Series Assorted Colors, Extra Large Antibacterial Bandage

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These are the bandages that won’t quit. They feature Extreme Hold® adhesive technology to stay on until you take them off. Tough, heavy duty fabric offers outstanding protection and is also breathable and flexible. The colored wound pad is 3x more absorbent than most other leading brands.

  • Helps prevent infection
  • 3x more absorbent than most other leading brands
  • Extreme Hold, tough fabric
  • Colored wound pad
  • Assorted colors
  • Pad seals on all 4 sides
  • Patent-pending
  • Not intended for use on delicate and sensitive skin

  • 10 CT
  • 2" x 4"
  • Sterile Product is not made with natural rubber latex
  • Item # CUR5018
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3 reviews for Performance Series Assorted Colors, Extra Large Antibacterial Bandage

  1. Christel

    I love these bandaids!! I got a horrible burn from tripping on the stairs and have been using these colored performance bandaids to cover up!! They last all day and hold up to my everyday activies. Plus they come in all sorts of colors so I don’t feel to bad about my fall. Only reason I’m not giving a five star is because I really wanted a PINK bandaid that the box labels it has. I bought over 6 boxes and no pink 🙁 I really wanted one! So if you could add more Pink bandaids please and less of the blue I think this box would be perfect!!

  2. BJ

    This is the greatest bandage I have ever used and I’m not kidding! My Walmart use to supply them, but than that “other” brand must have bought out the shelf and replaced it with kiddie cartoon boxes – about 15 of them! I’m going to check out my Walgreens but if they don’t have them (they always cost more there), can I order them directly from you? I’ll pay my own shipping. The other size I use was the 20 box – .75 x 3 in I think. Anyway, I’m going to keep on looking. Just wanted to thank you for such a great product.

  3. Suz

    I liked the size & colors, BUT I had an allergic reaction to the antibiotic pad (I placed on my arm, not a delicate/sensitive area).

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