Performance Series Assorted Colors, Standard Size Antibacterial Bandage

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These are the bandages that won’t quit. They feature Extreme Hold® adhesive technology to stay on until you take them off. Tough, heavy duty fabric offers outstanding protection and is also breathable and flexible. The colored wound pad is 3x more absorbent than most other leading brands.

  • Helps prevent infection
  • 3x more absorbent than most other leading brands
  • Extreme Hold, tough fabric
  • Colored wound pad
  • Assorted colors
  • Pad seals on all 4 sides
  • Patent-pending
  • Not intended for use on delicate or sensitive skin

  • 20 CT
  • 1" x 3¼"
  • Sterile Product is not made with natural rubber latex
  • Item # CUR5020
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5 reviews for Performance Series Assorted Colors, Standard Size Antibacterial Bandage

  1. James Duff

    Excellent elbow/knee x-shape performance series bandage, however hard to find at drug stores or retail stores. Order thru this web site did not seem to enter or complete.

  2. Walt Johnson

    These bandages are really useful and work extremely well even when wet, lasting intact for days.
    While the colors are very pretty, they tend to stand out so much that everyone asks you what happened and you have to give them all the gory details…boring!
    I would much prefer the natural tan color rather than the colored ones, but this won’t keep us from continuing to purchase them, because they’re really great.
    I got the original box @ Wal-Mart, but they don’t currently have them available @ the North Fort Myers Florida store, so I got one of your other types…not happy with them.

  3. Lori Litwiller

    I love these antibacterial bandages! They are flexible, they stay stuck to your skin without taking skin off when removed and the colors are great! I had surgery on my toes which has necessitated me having to bandage my toes daily for over a month. Normally that would get old for me but the colors actually cheer me up and they don’t give the appearance of an injury like the clinical looking tan bandages do. I’ve worn them with sandals and I haven’t had one person ask me what happened like most people do when they see bandages. I love these and will continue to buy them as long as Curad continues to sell them.

  4. Lynette Harris

    These are the best bandages ever! Seriously!
    They stay on through all the torture my hands go through during my work day, without pulling off my skin to remove them. I love that them mold to my fingers without hindering movement. (Crispy bandages stink!) I have bought a lot of boxes!! (Like around 30 boxes) I share them with everyone. The colors are fun. There’s two sad things though, I have only found maybe 2 pink ones in all the boxes total, (pinks is my favorite color too) and my walmart no longer carries them and they had the best price.
    Try them, you will not be disappointed!

  5. Lindsay

    I bought these bandaids because I needed something that would stay on my hand without falling off every ten minutes and these seemed promising. Normally I would’ve gone with store brand tough strips but these are just as good. My decision for these was final when I saw the cool colors these came in. I figured when it said assorted there would just be varying amounts of at least each color but boy was I wrong. I got basically an entire box of neon yellow and gray. Oh and there was one black one, which happened to be my favorite. The color assortment was a serious let down. I ended up paying a dollar more for the colors and got a box of colors I hate. As a bandaid it’s outstanding but if you’re buying also for the colors expect to be let down.

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