Q&A with Emerging Illustrator Kendra Dandy Brings her Unique Designs to CURAD® Bandages

CURAD® Bandages are now available with the striking, colorful, unique designs of Kendra Dandy. You’ll also find her work featured throughout the social media world, as well as on products from major home décor, beauty, apparel, and lifestyle brands.  Kendra possesses a style and voice that is uniquely her own, and has been profiled by Marie Claire, Cosmopolitan, InStyle, and PopSugar. 

We asked Kendra a few questions to learn more about her—and her creative process. 

Q: What inspired you to become an artist?

A: I became an artist because I’ve always been interested in art. I was always the kid in class who doodled on my notebooks and on my arms. So, it seemed pretty natural for me to end up with a career in art. After working retail for several years, I decided to try my luck with full-time freelance illustration, and luckily so far it’s been working out. And it’s continuing to do so.

Q: When you have a creative block; what pulls you out of it?

A: When I have a creative block, I usually try not to force it. Most likely I’ll go off and do something else, including sitting around doing nothing, watching TV, or anything else that’s not creative. If I try to force something out, I’m usually pretty unhappy with the result, so it’s just best to leave it alone for a while. And of course, if I come up with an idea all of a sudden, I will write it down, or maybe I’ll even do a very quick doodle. So, when I want to go back and work on it, then the idea will be there waiting for me.

Q: How can emerging artists protect their work?

A: I believe it’s really important for up-and-coming African American artists to protect their work. Through the American Influencer Council, I’ve learned to advocate for creatives in the digital space and push for more education on creator copyrights.

Q: How would you define your style of artwork? 

A: The type of artwork I create is modern, expressive and it also has a lot of versatility. But it also, despite being modern, has a retro vibe to it. 

Q: What inspires you now?

A: What motivates me to create art is basically doing whatever I like and I’m inspired by modern art and things like nature, beauty, fashion, animals, and current events and things that happen in my personal life and career also serve as inspiration for some pieces.