CGM Device Patches, Black, 3.13″ x 4.13″, 25 Count

Curad® Black CGM Patches (25-Count) | 3.13" x 4.13" Continuous Glucose Monitor Patches
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Rear packaging of Curad® Black CGM Patches (25-Count) | 3.13
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Dimensions of Curad® Black CGM Patches
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Waterproof design keeps out dirt and water
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Long lasting protection covers continuous glucose monitor devices
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Curad® Continuous Glucose Monitor Patches
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What makes CURAD CGM Patches so effective?

  • COMPATIBLE WITH MOST CGM DEVICES: CURAD Black CGM Patches can cover most CGM devices, providing long-lasting protection for your device. Each set has 25 patches so you can always keep a spare handy when you need it.
  • RELIABLE ADHESION: Our waterproof CGM cover features great adhesion so you can enjoy your daily activities while keeping your Continuous Glucose Monitor safe. It stays in place through swimming, showering, and even sweating.
  • TOTAL PROTECTION: The flexible 4-way seal on the glucose monitor patch is a great barrier against dirt and water. This can help prevent complications, giving you added peace of mind.
  • EFFORTLESS APPLICATION: Applying our patch is a breeze thanks to its easy-peel design. This ensures a smooth and consistent application over your continuous blood glucose monitor.
  • SLEEK DESIGN: Our black patch is not only stylish, but it’s also discreet. It provides a more low-key appearance for those who prefer it, making it a convenient accessory for diabetes management.
  • QUALITY YOU CAN TRUST: CURAD medical supplies have been known and trusted worldwide since 1951. We aim to continue providing you with healthcare products that help you heal and feel better
  3.13" x 4.13"
  Item # CURCGMB25
  UPC # 193489189882

Keep Your CGM Safe and Stylish with Curad
Curad Black CGM Patches are the perfect solution for anyone who wants to protect their Continuous Glucose Monitor device while still looking stylish. With our patches, you get the best of both worlds – long-lasting protection and a sleek, black design. Our black-colored CGM cover blends seamlessly with your skin, making them a perfect choice for any outfit or occasion.

One of the key features of our patches is the flexible 4-way seal that keeps out dirt, germs, and water. This ensures that your device stays clean and protected no matter where you go or what you do. The waterproof design means that you can even wear our patches while swimming or showering, without having to worry about them falling off.

Another advantage of our patches is the easy-peel design that makes application and removal smooth, consistent, and a breeze! You won’t have to struggle with sticky adhesives or worry about any residue left behind. With our continuous blood glucose monitor patches, it’s a quick and hassle-free process.

At a dimension of 3.13″ x 4.13″, our Glucose Monitor patch can fit most CGM devices, providing complete coverage and protection. Whether you’re at home, at work, or out having fun, you can wear our patches with confidence and style.

By using our easy-to-use continuous glucose monitor device patches, you can stay worry-free while managing your diabetes. You won’t have to constantly think about your device falling off or getting dirty, giving you peace of mind and the freedom to enjoy your daily activities. With our patch’s long-lasting protection, you can keep your device clean and protected, so you can focus on what really matters – your health. Get your CURAD Black CGM Patches now!