IRONMAN ActivICE Topical Cooling Gel, 4 oz, 1 count

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What makes ActivICE Topical Cooling Gel so effective?
  • IRONMAN ACTIVICE™ COOLING GEL 3oz topical ointment (1 count) delivers advanced numbing support, penetrating critical soreness with ease.
  • 2X MORE ACTIVE INGREDIENT than Biofreeze® with 8% menthol to block or reduce inflammation when applied for pre- and post-workout recovery.
  • FAST RELIEVING FORMULA supplements healing for common knee, neck, foot, shoulder, plus lower back pain, brought on by fitness and exercise.
  • SKIN STAYS SOFT, as pharmaceutical-grade conditioners lotion and moisturize no matter how much you rub on for soothing cramps and sore muscles.
  • CLEAR, ICY COOL BALM has the professional strength athletes need to heal and relieve prolonging, inflammatory pain, for best performance.
  4 oz

Made to Muscle Through

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ActivICE™ is the Official Topical Pain Relief Partner of the IRONMAN US Series.

Fast-acting, soothing ActivICE™ helps give you the endurance to keep going. It’s made of a proprietary blend of ingredients designed to enhance therapeutic effects for hours, including 8% menthol — 2X more active ingredient than Biofreeze® — and pharmaceutical-grade conditioners. All-natural cooling gel has a water-based formula, for a non-greasy application that keeps hands clean. Massage the colorless gel deep into muscles for maximum physical relief. The smart and professional, temporary numbing formula has what it takes to reduce and relieve pain associated with leg strains, muscle aches, athletic or workout injuries, neck, hand or knee pain from arthritis, and more. It’s the instant chilling ointment that helps get serious athletes and weekend warriors across the finish line.

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