Performance Series Knee Support, XX-Large, 1 count

Performance Series Knee Support, XX-Large, 1 count Left angle of package
What makes Performance Series Knee Support so effective?
  • NEOPRENE PULL-OVER WITH OPEN PATELLA: strong, stretchable construction that’s easy to slip on and closely adheres to the joint
  • FOR MILD SPRAINS, STRAINS, AND SWELLING OR FLUID RETENTION: aids with recovery from common knee conditions and injuries
  • 3-LAYER PADDING FOR COMPRESSION: tripartite design provides firm and comfortable joint compression
  • PREVENTATIVE SUPPORT FOR ATHLETES: provides strong support for on-field sports, during workouts, and with everyday activities
Product is not made with natural rubber latex.

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Made to Muscle Through

CURAD® Performance Series® is the lineup of rugged supports, wraps, kinesiology tape and bandages made to withstand the demands of training. Every solution is designed for endurance and ready to stand up to exertion and sweat. Get the perfect level of rugged, yet comfortable support with CURAD® Performance Series®. Learn More about Ironman »

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Both active individuals and avid athletes can quickly get back to work or back in the game with CURAD® Performance Series products. Designed for larger knees, the CURAD® Performance Series Knee Support – Large features tri-layer, neoprene construction that firmly cushions injured joints. Intended to aid with recovery from common sprains and to alleviate discomfort from fluid retention, its open-front construction exposes the patella while providing firm compression to the rest of the knee. The Performance Series Knee Support can also preemptively guard against injuries.

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