Rolled Gauze, 3″ x 2.5 yds, 1 count

Rolled Gauze 3″ x 2.5 yds 1 count Package Left Angle
What makes Rolled Gauze so effective?
  • IDEAL TO SECURE DRESSINGS: stretches and wraps easily without binding too tightly
  • SOFT AND ABSORBENT COVERAGE: absorbs and removes fluids and can serve either as primary wound care or as secondary padding
  • PROTECTS AND CUSHIONS: ideal for shielding sensitive areas from accidental bumps and protecting from germ intrusion
Product is not made with natural rubber latex.
  1 CT
  3" x 2.5 yds
  Item # CUR48143RB

Perfect for wound care or as a cushioning wrap, CURAD® Rolled Gauze is ideal for padding injuries and other sensitive areas. Crafted out of a rayon/polyester blend rather than rubber latex, it won’t irritate the skin. Thick and absorbent, it wicks away blood and other fluids or can serve as a pad over a separate dressing. CURAD® Rolled Gauze’s soft, stretchy surface wraps easily particularly around joints.

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