Sensitive Skin Paper Tape

Sensitive Skin Paper Tape is soft, breathable and provides gentle adhesion for holding light dressings in place. Ideal for hard-to-tape areas or for frequent re-taping.

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Non-irritating
  • Does not contain natural rubber latex
  • 1 CT
  • 1" x 10 yds
  • Product is not made with natural rubber latex
  • Item # CUR26001C
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  1. Richard D Paccione

    Horribleperformance. I used it ona light gauze pad to cover an abrasion. My skin is extremely sensitive (tears or peels easily) and specifically why I utilized your product. However thr tape did not adhere at all. I appreciate your effort to produce a product that would serve my needs, but within seconds the tape was blowing in the breeze and gauze pad loosened. Thankyou

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