Soothe & Cool Bandages

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Soothe & Cool bandages are the “coolest” bandages out there. The advanced hydrogel pad creates the optimal environment to promote healing and remove the heat instantly. Not only is it designed to soothe, cushion and protect, but can also be used for blister prevention.

  • Cools on contact
  • Removes the heat instantly
  • Waterproof barrier
  • Water and glycerol gel
  • Multi-day use
  • 8 CT
  • 1.8" x 2.96"
  • Sterile Product is not made with natural rubber latex
  • Item # CUR5235
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2 reviews for Soothe & Cool Bandages

  1. Logan

    I had a 2nd degree burn and used these bandages since I thought the water+glycerol would keep the wound from drying out and facilitate healing. However, the glycerol+water gel absorbs any draining fluid from a wound and swells up. The swollen bandage intruded into the wound and prevented it from closing. A 2nd degree burn is supposed to heal in 2-3 weeks. 6 weeks after using these bandages, my wound hadn’t even closed up. Along with that, I started getting a rash surrounding the wound with pimple-like structures (apologies for being graphic). I switched to a Band-Aid Brand bandage with neosporin (which I also used with the Curad gel bandages), my wound closed up in 24 hours. Please be weary of any larger wounds since the material absorbs any fluid draining from the wound, swells, and actually prevents the wound from closing up. Please, Curad, mention this issue for more serious injuries since your customers can’t depend on it for certain wounds.

  2. david varland

    I had a road bike crash that resulted in two wounds one inch in diameter with all the skin removed on my left outside knee and left elbow. My plastic surgeon ageed I use Curad Sooth and Cool until they heal in the next two months. Except for some normal stinging for a few minutes they feel great. The gel acts as a pad so minor bumps to the elbow and knee are certainly hurt less than when using Tegaderm The bandage needs to be replaced when it becomes loose or looses its seal which early on was every 8-10 hours and now due to improved healing the bandage is replaced about every 24 hours or if it comes loose. Similar injuries in the past resulted in cellulitis but not this time. I am very happy with the healing time and progress toward a full layer of skin. Thank you for your product The Sooth and Cools are going in my First Aid Kit.I hope you consider making some larger sizes too.

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