Performance Series®

Topical Analgesics
  • Delivers advanced numbing support, relieving critical soreness fast
  • Ultra strength 8% menthol has anti-inflammatory properties to numb muscles before workout and soreness after
  •  Works fast to heal common joint, knee, calves, neck, foot, shoulder, plus lower back pain, brought on by fitness and exercise
  • Pharmaceutical- grade conditioners moisturize for lasting protection and comfort
  • Professional strength athletes need to heal and relieve prolonging,  inflammatory pain, for the best performance

Performance Series® Topical Analgesics

Never Miss a Day

CURAD® Performance Series® is the lineup of rugged supports, wraps, kinesiology tape and bandages made to withstand the demands of training. Every solution is designed for endurance and ready to stand up to exertion and sweat. Get the perfect level of rugged, yet comfortable support with CURAD® Performance Series®. Learn More about Ironman »

Curad Official Medical Supplier of Ironman North America Series 2024