BloodStop Hemostatic Gauze, 1″ x 1″, 10 count

BloodStop Hemostatic Gauze
What makes BloodStop® Hemostatic Gauze so effective?
  • FOR CUTS, ABRASIONS, OR NOSEBLEEDS: assists and speeds clotting for most common injuries in one minute or less
  • MADE OF 100% NATURAL FIBER CELLULOSE: a safe hemostatic wound solution
  • BIO-COMPATIBLE AND NON-IRRITATING: will not harm or irritate flesh and skin when used properly
  • STAYS ON WOUND WITHOUT THE DISCOMFORT OF ADHESIVE: appropriate for use in situations when tape might aggravate injuries
  • NOT MADE WITH NATURAL RUBBER LATEX: can be used comfortably by people who are sensitive or allergic to natural rubber latex
Product is not made with natural rubber latex.
  10 CT
  1" x 1"
  Item # CUR0055RB

With its specially designed clotting technology, CURAD® BloodStop® Hemostatic Gauze is an effective solution for cuts, abrasions and nosebleeds. This 100% natural fiber cellulose will not harm living tissue or aggravate already damaged flesh. When properly applied, BloodStop Hemostatic Gauze stops most bleeding in one minute or less. Microscopic clotting-agent particles activate when they come in contact with blood, expanding and sealing off wounds.

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