Wound Care Kit, Assorted Sizes, 25 count

Wound Care Kit, Assorted Sizes, 25 count Package Left Angle
What makes the Wound Care Kit so effective?
  • WOUND CARE ESSENTIALS: Comes fully stocked with wound care items to protect, cover and cushion when you need it most
  • LARGE WOUNDS & POST SURGERY: Perfect assortment to handle larger wounds and post surgery operations
  • GAUZE PADS: with highly absorbent cellulose layer to wick away drainage
  • ROLLED GAUZE: can stretch to wrap wounds securely and comfortably with constriction
  • NON-STICK PAD: are soft, absorbent and include adhesive tabs to help keep in place
  • PAPER TAPE: securely holds dressings iin place and is ideal for delicate skin
Product is not made with natural rubber latex.
  25 CT
  Assorted Sizes
  Item # CUR1625V1

The Wound Care Kit comes with hospital quality essentials to protect, cover, and cushion larger wounds after surgery or after injury.

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