Medium Super Absorbent Wound Pad, 4″ x 4″, 10 count

Medium Super Absorbent Pad Right Side
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Medium Super Absorbent Pad Front Side
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Medium Super Absorbent Pad Left Side
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What makes Super Absorbent Wound Pads so effective?

  • 5x Absorption Speed* compared to a standard SAP dressing
  • Wicking action draws fluid away from wound and locks it into core, even under compression from tape or gauze
  • Non-adhesive pad & edge material is water-repellent and won’t stick to wound
  • Super soft contact layer provides optimal wound healing environment and locks in moisture from heavily draining wounds
  • Perfect for covering and protecting heavily draining wounds, including surgical incisions. Super absorbent polymer absorbs 4x more fluid (compared to other CURAD pads)
Product is not made with natural rubber latex.

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  4" x 4"
  Item # CURSS5153
  UPC # 193489094872

The Super Absorbent Wound Pad is ideal for heavily draining wounds. Built with a super absorbent polymer material core, that absorbs high amounts of wound drainage – even under compression. It also features a non-stick layer that prevents the pad from sticking to your wound while locking fluid away from your skin.