Durable Nitrile Exam Gloves – Extra Large – 540 Count

Durable Nitrile Exam Gloves Extra Large 540 ct
What makes Durable Nitrile Exam Gloves so effective?
  • CHEMICAL RESISTANT: protects skin from caustic and reactive substances 
  • PROTECTS YOUR HANDS FROM DIRT AND GERMS: they form a solid barrier that keeps dirt and germs away while you perform various tasks  
  • NOT MADE WITH NATURAL RUBBER LATEX: can be used comfortably by people who are sensitive or allergic to natural rubber latex  
  • NON-STERILE: not intended for applications where sterility is required
Product is not made with natural rubber latex.

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  Extra Large
  Item # CURNT4

CURAD® Durable Nitrile Exam Gloves are chemically resistant and are designed to create a barrier between the skin and caustic substances or bodily fluids. They are powder-free, ambidextrous, and disposable, but won’t cause allergic reactions since they do not contain natural rubber latex. Please note that these gloves are non-sterile and should not be used for applications requiring sterility. 

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