Truly Ouchless!™ Silicone Knee/Elbow Bandage, 3″ x 3″, 4 count

Truly Ouchless Silicone Knee/Elbow Bandage 4 count Left Angle
What makes Truly Ouchless!™ Silicone Knee/Elbow Bandages so effective?
  • DESIGNED FOR SENSITIVE OR DELICATE SKIN: Silicone adhesive won’t pull skin or hair when bandage is removed
  • REPOSITIONABLE & REMOVES CLEANLY: Adhesive allows for repositioning, holds securely and removes cleanly without leaving sticky residue
  • FLEXIBLE MATERIAL: Made with a flexible fabric designed to move with you
  • NON-STICK PADS: won’t stick to or disrupt the wound from healing
  • 4-SIDED SEAL: each bandage has a 4-sided seal around the wound to keep out dirt and germs
  • 2X MORE ABSORBENT: wound pad is 2X more absorbent when compared to its dry weight
Product is not made with natural rubber latex.
  4 CT
  3" x 3"
  Item # CUR5005

The bandages are designed with for those with sensitive or delicate skin. It comes with a flexible material designed to move with you. The silicone adhesive allows you to reposition the bandage any time you like without making you flinch from pain or causing damage to your hair or skin. The Elbow/Knee Bandages make it easy to effectively cover wounds around joints.

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