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First Aid 101: Gauze

Everyday Wound Care Essentials

Be ready for anything with the essentials needed to clean, cover, secure and protect all types of major wound sites.

  • Choose from a variety of options to help clean wounds and apply ointments, as well as absorb, cover, secure and protect all types of wounds.
  • Options include a variety of rolled gauzes, gauze pads, non-stick pads and tapes.
  • 3-in-1 Wound Kit includes rolled gauze, gauze pads, non-stick pads and tapes.

Cushioning Foam for Painful Wounds

Many chronic wounds — and wounds in exposed areas — benefit from cushioned protection that stays in place multiple days so the wound can heal undisturbed.

  • Foam pad cushions and protects painful wounds including abrasions, incisions, lacerations, pressure ulcers, infected and draining peristomal wounds, as well as other types of injuries.
  • Good for wounds with moderate drainage.
  • Advanced adhesive for up to 7 days of protection.

Maximum Absorbency for Excess Drainage

Control excessive drainage without needing to constantly change dressings. Secure in place with CURAD rolled gauze, tape or wrap.

  • Ideal for wounds with excessive drainage like diabetic and pressure ulcers.
  • Superabsorbent Polymer locks moisture inside, away from the wound.
  • Soft, conforming, non-stick surface.